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~ designed & built solely by Rick Walker, BCR Owner

If you thought you could get into trouble with ONE engine, then wait till you see...

Double Trouble ...then and now!

Here's how it was created...

Over 26 years ago, Rick Walker decided to challenge what he knew about motorcycles.  It took 9 years from conception to the finished product you see below.  Many hours were spent on custom fabricating the frame, gas tank, oil tank, gauge housing, headlight & taillight housing, seat, and switch housing. The frame had been specially designed to hold 120lbs of air pressure, for smooth operation of the air shifter.

Rick's Double Engine was sold in 1995 to a close friend, who featured it in a store window display for 7 years.  

Spring 2012, Rick and the bike's owner, decided the Double Engine needed to be restored and given a fresh look.  The bike was sold back to Rick and the work began.  

The top end was rebuilt, valve guides replaced and the rockers and heads were glass beaded. New pistons were added in the front and new rings in the rear. He sand blasted and glass beaded all the paintable parts, then they were epoxy primed and sprayed with a base coat before creating the beautiful custom paint job on the fenders and gas tank. All aluminum was then glass beaded, sanded, and polished.  The front guard and side panels were replaced with aluminum plates. The final touch was the air-brushed JAGUAR painted on the top of the gas tank.

  • Base clear paint.

  • Crystal FX paint on tank and fenders.

  • fabricated and polished  all aluminum accessories: motor covers, light boxes, head lamp, switch boxes,  oil tank, chain case, and cover.

  • Frame made from 100 thou. square tube and holds 120 psi of air as a reservoir for air shifter, operated by micro switch on clutch lever, activated when pulled tight to bars.

  • Compressor between engine switch and gauge on dash plate shift  

  • manually down 1st air shift, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Shifter and air control made from international truck parts.

  • Gas tank 7 pcs hand made, bent with air brake press (designed and built by Rick Walker).

  • Custom styled and fabricated seat.

  • Custom designed cover.

  • Light covers made from truck accessories.

  • Stainless fender brace and rear seat rail

  • Engines 1971 and 1969 Bonneville.

  • +60 pistons, dual Joe Hunt magnetos, single Holley carburetor.

  • Crank extensions for sprockets with ¾ aluminum wall, and extra bearings to take the load. Stock alternator can be timed with 2 pistons T.D.C., 2 pistons B.D.C. , or all 4 T.D.C.

  • More H.P. 2up 2down.

  • Engines welded solid and mechanic-friendly. 

  • Rear engine has top end reversed for single intake and exhaust cooling.

  • Cams re-timed.

  • Kick starter handmade providing more kick strength.

  • Oil psi gauge and kill switch for each motor, mounted at base of tank.  Easy tuning with 2 kill switches.

  • Exhaust made from a single 8-cylinder automotive header, cut, styled, welded and polished.

  • Honda dual disc front end, and Kawasaki single disc rear wheel.

  • Speedo oil temp and air psi gauges on dash plate.

  • Chain guard made from aluminum square tube and polished.

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