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BCR has had the pleasure of restoring three of these classic mini bikes. It required a lot of research and ingenuity, but was well worth it in the end.

Gemini SST 50/80 cc and Maverick mini bikes were produced in Taiwan and imported into the U.S. from late 1969 to 1972.

The motor was a licensed design of the Yamaha 50 & 80 cc rotary engine classes. In order to comply with the Yamaha licensing legal agreement, modifications were made in the SST engine design to make many parts exclusive to Gemini or Maverick dealers.

Unfortunately, legal issues still arose, and production of these mini bikes was halted in late 1972. Still, with all legal issues aside, the Gemini SST and Maverick are one of the fastest little mini bikes ever produced.

The 50 cc is easily capable of doing 35 mph with 4.5 H.P./8000 rpm, and the 80 cc can hit 41 mph with 6.8 H.P./7000 rpm.
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